Salone del mobile 2012

MéxicoDesignNet – Experience the City is an international design network. An ideas Lab produced by IED Madrid and Anáhuac México Norte to enhance citizens quality of life through Service design to tackle new urban challenges and kick-start the knowledge economy.

MéxicoDesignNet analyze society from different disciplines in order to reflect on the future of the city as a place for social exchange.

The exhibition in Ventura Lambrate shows 11 projects, the results selected between 300 ideas, all based on the design development of the “Experience the city” concept. The main event took place in Mexico City October 2011. 18 Universities of Europe and Latin America participated working all together through 80 workshop improving daily life experience at the global city.

IEDDesignNet  is an ongoing project, the first edition took place two years ago in Madrid, and the next edition will be in 2013.

MéxicoDesignNet – Experience the City: Tuesday 17th – Sunday 22nd April.

  • Opening event: 18th April. From 20.00 to 22.00
  • Address: Ventura Lambrate. Via Massimiano, 6
  • Opening times: from 10:00 to 20:00
  • Access: Lambrate station
Todas las entradas del Salón Mobile 2012
ubicate 9


“Ubícate” is a new orientation system to help pedestrians and drivers find their way through the city on a macro and micro level. By means of these two graphic and chromatic levels, the system aims to generate more order and security in the community.


Welcome Bike

Welcome Bike is a comprehensive system of services for current and future cyclists in Madrid. A project which takes advantage of existing resources and offers support to cyclists by providing them with services without the need for a large investment in infrastructures.


Aprende Viajando

“Aprende Viajando” (Learn while you travel) allows Metro users to learn languages through the Metro Channel.



“Plaiz“ is a project for social action which seeks to recover public squares for the enjoyment of citizens. The aim is for “Plaiz” to encourage an exchange of services proposed and selected by citizens.


Mente Verde – Ciudad Limpia

“Mente Verde – Ciudad Limpia” is a strategy that seeks the active participation of citizens in the collection of recyclable material. A service which integrates communication, education and promotion activities on the collection of waste materials.



“Comm_on” proposes a new approach to the consumption of unsold food from supermarkets. Edible food, near its expiry date, would otherwise be thrown away.


Textures in the City

This project seeks to restore the value of the public spaces of the historical quarter in Mexico City. One of its main aims is to highlight, through iconography, the small cultural traces which are hidden by life in the city.


Gracia’s Vía

What is it? Description of the service A free and friendly neighbourhood transportation unit made up of a platform seat with rails that will facilitate mobility for pedestrians in the area- especially elderly…

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