Welcome Bike

What is it? Description of the service

“Welcome Bike” is a comprehensive system of services for current and future cyclists in Madrid.

It is a project which takes advantage of existing resources and offers support to cyclists by providing them with services without the need for a large investment in infrastructures.

The system is made up of four solutions:

  • Mobility
  • Storage
  • Maintenance
  • Citizen training

What for? Origin or issues to be resolved

To promote the use of bikes and to make it easier to use them in the city.

Who? Agents: managers or receivers

  • MANAGER: private companies and public institutions.
  • RECEIVERS: cyclists.

How does it work? Development

The project is divided into four spheres of action:

  • Mobility: an information service focusing on issues that are of interest to cyclists: safe routes, road works, and specific itineraries depending on their needs. This information can be accessed through a website or smartphone app, giving cyclists themselves the chance to contribute information by sharing their knowledge as users.
  • Storage: bike storage facilities which improve on the current ones and offer new, more suitable ones, strategically placed throughout the city. There will be three kinds of facilities, depending on the length of storage: long term, medium term and short term.
    • Maintenance: a service to help cyclists keep their bike in perfect condition, anywhere and at any time. It is made up of a series of elements:
    • Survival kit: with basic repair tools.
    • Cyclist insurance: including prior registration and plates for the bike.
  • Network of professional repair shops.
  • Citizen training: an system for the spreading of the initiative to incentivise the use of bikes as an alternative form of transport, offering information on the legislation and advantages of using bikes. The communications strategy will be based on physical and virtual applications. To complement the service, a number of activities will be carried out, such as happenings and performances.

Why? Importance

It is necessary to incentivise the use of bikes as a transport system, offering services which do not require large investments in infrastructures, and mobilising cyclists.

The use of this kind of alternative form of transport helps reduce our environmental impact, improving the health of users, reducing traffic in the Madrid city centre and achieving an optimum coexistence between the various forms of transport.


Alejandra Franchina, Ana Baselga Eisen, Andrea Salinas, Carlos Gala Martín, Carmen Delgado González, Diana Vernaza Gozenbach, Enrique Mellado García, Ignacio José García Leñero, Isabel Collado Sola, Jorge De la Cruz Tovar, María Palomo Vera, María Rosenfeldt Allende, Marta Moreno Martínez, Marta Contreras Diez, Óscar Carrasco, Paola Andrea Antezana Arancibia, Patricia Díaz Sicilia, Paulina Cienfuegos, Ricardo Pedraza Martín, Pierandrea Vasi, Rocío Cruz Conde Gallego.

Teacher: Paul Heredia

IED Madrid. Madrid, Spain.


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