Textures in the City

What is it? Description of the service

This project seeks to restore the value of the public spaces of the historical quarter in Mexico City. One of its main aims is to highlight, through iconography, the small cultural traces which are hidden by life in the city.

By means of the projection of images and symbols on the walls of spaces which are representative of the culture of the city, the project aims to offer a new experience to citizens and visitors, drawing attention to the form and representation of images linked to culture; it is a different way of understanding space.

What for? Origin or issues to be resolved

The Historical Quarter of Mexico City is an urban space where endless socio-economic activities come together for citizens belonging to a range of social, economic, academic and demographic groups.

Because of the frenzied lifestyle in this space, citizens have stopped paying attention to its historical remains, which are still occupying the same space, and which are part of the day-to-day life of citizens. The aim is also for current generations to feel part of the historical centre of the city.

By improving the experience of passers-by in these spaces, they will want to wander the streets and take the time to admire the nooks and crannies in the Historical Centre. Additionally, the light projection offers added safety at night.

Who? Agents: managers or receivers

  • MANAGERS: it is proposed that the Project is managed by the Culture Department of the Government of the Federal District for the promotion of cultural spaces in the historical centre. Designers, historians, anthropologists and lighting technicians will all contribute to the project.
  • RECEIVERS: this project is aimed at the inhabitants of the city, the users of the spaces, visitors and tourists who wander through the historical centre of our city.

How does it work? Development

The project is based on the projection of a beam of light generated by an LED projector set on a mobile stand in front of the wall against which the light will be beamed. It is not a fixed installation. The projector will be fitted with an opaque plastic template, resistant to the heat generated by the projector, which has been engraved with the image to be projected.

The selection of images and spaces (interior or exterior) will be based on documentary and iconographic research on the issues around which the narrative revolves.

There will be two projections for each space:

  1. The graphic selected for the space
  2. The explanation of the graphic and the space

Each of the projection spaces will be identified by bar codes to be scanned with smartphones, to offer explanatory leaflets on what is taking place. A range of issues will be developed, so that the projection can change regularly.

Why? Significance

The importance of the project lies in the chance to rediscover and lend visibility to the public spaces which have been forgotten by citizens and visitors at the Historical Centre. It is a project which aims to add value to a space by means of an entertaining experience.


Darinka Valadez, Fabiana Arias, Norberto Gonella.
Universidad Anáhuac México Norte. Mexico D.F., Mexico.

Teacher: Ulrike Brandi

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