What is it? Description of the service

“Plaiz“ is a project for social action which seeks to recover public squares for the enjoyment of citizens. The aim is for “Plaiz” to encourage an exchange of services proposed and selected by citizens. To do so, we propose the creation of an exchange micro-economy with its own currency, Europlaiz, to be used to pay for the services on offer. The “Plaiz” project also proposes the development of a specific architecture in the squares to help carry out the workshops and commercial activities taking place there.

What for? Origin or issues to be resolved

At present, squares have lost their role as a meeting and exchange place for citizens. The role of each square is currently decided and defined by the government, and not by the people who inhabit the public space. The aim of “Plaiz” is for citizens to reclaim their decision-making power regarding public squares, so that they can become spaces for interaction and communication, as they were first intended.

Who? Agents: managers or receivers

  • MANAGERS: the “Plaiz” collective would be in charge of managing the space. It is an independent body linked closely to the City Hall, which would be responsible for establishing links with other collectives, associations and individuals who wish to take part in the proposal.
  • RECEIVERS: all citizens are welcome to take an active part or to use the services proposed by other neighbours.

How does it work? Development

Firstly, a communication campaign will be conducted to invite anyone who wishes to take part to contribute to the project by offering their services. The selection of proposals will be carried out by the “Plaiz” collective, keeping in mind that the aim is for all services to be useful and linked to learning and professional and personal growth.

Once the workshops have been defined, a calendar will be set and those who wish to take part will register online. Each teacher will receive a set amount of Europlaiz, the project’s currency, used to buy and sell services and goods in the squares.

The aim is to create a micro-economy of services which will improve the wellbeing and interaction between citizens joined by a shared aim or interest, through the exchange of knowledge, goods and services.

Why? Significance

The project has been conceived, from the start, for the enjoyment of all sorts of people: children, teenagers, adults, the employed and the unemployed, teachers, professionals and the elderly. Anyone who wants to share, to learn and to live in a city managed for and by its citizens.

The main aim of the project is to recover lost social interaction, providing intellectual and physical wellbeing to all those who make up the urban centre.

“Plaiz” wishes to create a micro-society where all inhabitants contribute, share, learn, are integrated and live.


Carla Guilhem.
IED Madrid. Madrid, Spain

Teacher: Teresa Solar

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