What is it? Description of the service

“Comm_on” proposes a new approach to the consumption of unsold food from supermarkets. Edible food, near its expiry date, would otherwise be thrown away.

What for? Origin or issues to be resolved

The project stems from the analysis of freegan groups’ behavior in the world. Being freegan is a real lifestyle, focusing on the recovery of food waste from bins. Fair and ethical thinking regarding avoiding wastage is what brings these people together, but taking food from bins is not hygienic.

Who? Agents: managers or receivers

  • MANAGERS: NGO “Comm_on”.
  • RECEIVERS: this is a system for everyone, designed to be enjoyed in open spaces, taking into account accessibility and ecology.

How does it work? Development

Special trucks pick up unsold products from supermarkets at the end of each day and redistribute them for free in public open spaces (urban gardens).

The trucks are designed both to pick up food and to distribute it to places where users can find and consume food. Users may use a shopping bag made from rice husks and hemp.

The top of the shopping bag is designed so that it can be used every time you go shopping. On the other hand, the lower part, which is connected to the top, is interchangeable and designed to carry shopping and to store organic waste; after using it, people can add it to the compost in special public gardens located in the city. In this way aggregation and identification concepts contribute to the development of green areas in the city.

Why? Significance

The service is important to use up food, avoiding waste and redistributing it to allow for continuity in our life cycle: it is also very important to restore nutrients to the ground, to generate new life.


Delfina Caprio, Elena Pierri, Maia Guetta, Zoé Van Reeth.
IED Roma. Rome, Italy

Teachers: Marco Pietrosante, Arianna Sodano

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