Aprende Viajando

What is it? Description of the service

“Aprende Viajando” (Learn while you travel) allows Metro users to learn languages through the Metro Channel.

Who? Agents: managers and receivers

Metro users spend an average of 20 minutes per day on the underground. On the basis of five working days per week, this adds up to an average of 33 hours per month, an average of 297 hours per year.

The aim of this project is to create a service which allows users to take advantage, in a productive way, of the time they spend on public transport, as well as supporting and promoting the learning of foreign languages among the Spanish population.

Who? Agents: Managers or receivers

  • MANAGERS: those in charge of the Metro internal channel.
  • RECEIVERS: citizens who regularly use the Metro transport system.

How does it work? Development

“Aprende Viajando” makes use of a learning system known as Spaced Repetition System (SRS). This language-learning technique is based on the repetition of concepts in increasing intervals. Unlike other language learning processes, it encourages active learning, as words and concepts are linked to very specific questions or stimuli.

With “Aprende Viajando” users will learn 6 words each day, renewing them every day. The Metro Channel will repeat each 20-minute loop twice per day. The system is accessible to anyone, as a range of languages will be taught simultaneously.

The service will be rounded off with a website, as well as an interactive smartphone app to review what has been learnt each day, and to teach users the correct pronunciation.

Why? Significance

Using time productively is one of the most important issues in the daily life in modern cities. The current urban system forces many citizens to cover long distances between their home and their workplace, making it necessary to find a system so that they can use their time in a productive and practical way, such as the service “Aprende Viajando”.

To this situation we must add a longstanding problem in Spain: the fact that a large part of the population cannot speak a second language. “Aprende Viajando” is a system which, without seeking to replace traditional methods, can help users kick-start their learning of a foreign language, or expand their vocabulary in a language they already speak. Its implementation and maintenance would not require a large investment, thanks to the use of an existing platform, such as the Metro Channel. The greatest cost would lie in the production of each daily piece.

To summarise, “Aprende Viajando” is a service designed to benefit Metro users, a tool through which they will be able to take advantage of their time on public transport, offering knowledge which will prove useful in real life.


Francesco Chessa Orrú, Gali Slutski, Gonzalo Hergueta, Miguel Ángel Jiménez Antelo, Samuel Miranda Herrera.
IED Madrid. Madrid, Spain.

Teacher: Javier Peña

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