Proyecto: Comm_on

Workshop al que pertenece: Food for all

Categoría del proyecto: Sostenibilidad

Participantes: Delfina Caprio, Maia Guetta, Elena Pierri, Zoè Van Reeth

Profesor/es: Marco Pietrosante, Arianna Sodano

Universidad: IED Roma

Ciudad: Roma

País: Italia

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¿Qué es? Descripción del servicio

The project proposes a new common rules for the sale / consumption of leftover food in the supermarkets at the end of the day. Good food and packaged that would otherwise be needlessly thrown.Comm_on, 3.9 out of 5 based on 57 ratings

¿Para qué? Origen o problemática a solucionar
The project is an analysis of the behavior of components of the freegan groups scattered throughout the world. Freegan is a real lifestyle, focused on the recovery of food waste from the bins. Fair and ethical thought is "no wasting" that unites these people, less elegant is their choice to collect the food from dumpsters.

¿Quién? Actores: gestores o receptores
Freegan is aimed at young and old people. Both the outdoor spaces that the product is designed so as to be accessible to all, not excluding nobody.

¿Cómo funciona? Desarrollo
Suitable trucks collect from the city's supermarket products not sold by the end of the day and resell to the public in open spaces of the city. The trucks are structured in such a way as to be both the means by which food is the recovery of the places where we can buy and consume. The food is sold to a third of the actual cost. The users can buy a shopping bag made of rice husks in half and half in hemp fabric. The upper part of the shopping bag is designed so it can be used every time users go grocery shopping while the lower part, consisting of a jar of rice husks in a manner that is designed to function both as a container for expenditure, then, as a container of organic waste; at the end of process you can put in special public gardens located in the city.

¿Por qué? Importancia
Retrieve the food waste is vital to avoid. and sell it to allow continuity in the life cycle, it is equally important. Experience the city through a project useful and fun at the same time.

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  1. Interesante proyecto aunque si al final del día los camiones recolectan la comida que no se vendió me imagino que estamos hablando de comida perecedera, por lo que no veo cómo podría re-venderse al día siguiente. Si no fuese perecedera el mismo supermercado podría re-vender la comida al día siguiente, incluso si la comida es perecedera y se trata de no desperdiciarla, los mismos supermercados pueden re-venderla al día siguiente.

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